FoKCA spayed and neutered 200 animals in 2014. We medically treated another 300.

Here's what we're doing so far in 2015....  


1/3: Facilitated a molar extraction for a "pit bull" named "Bruce" who had just been adopted from the KCMO shelter. Owner didn't know where to go or how to afford the surgery so she contacted us. We and KC Pet Project worked together to get this taken care of so the dog would no longer suffer from the bum tooth. (FMA)

1/3: Sent cat "Gabby" to ER after learning she had been in hiding with a broken jaw for three days at her family's home. Upon seeing her jaw, the family wanted to take her to the vet, but couldn't afford the emergency care cost up front, all at once. She was anesthetized, given pain meds and anitiobiotics, and her jaw was wired. (ANIMAL EMERGENCY CENTER)

1/6: Pitched in for two spayed/neutered cats "Mia" and "Cody" whose owner only had $50 to treat one for conjunctivitis and the other for a kidney issue. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/6: Sent Labrador "Lilly" needing emergency spay due to pyrometra into vet for the surgery. (INDEPENDENCE ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

1/6: Covered balance for Miniature Pinscher "Diamond" to be neutered and vaccinated since owner couldn't afford anything over $100. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/7: Covered neuter and meds for dog "Dodger," who was found by a good samaritan in Oak Grove. The dog fortunately tested negative for heartworms, but tested positive for whip and hook worms. Needed flea and tick treatment, panacur and trifexis. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/8: Paid for emergency spay on a one-year-old pittie "Kita" who had a prolapsed uterus. Owner is on disability and couldn't afford the surgery. (CRAIN VETERINARY CENTER)

1/9: Facilitated rescue of two pit bulls abandoned in house in Sedalia, MO. Paid for neutering, vaccinations etc. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/10: Helped with "return-to-owner" for Australian Heeler "Foxy" picked up by animal control when owner's brother left gate open. Owner couldn't afford the spay and fees because she didn't get paid until the following week. (KC PET PROJECT)

1/10: Paid for about-to-be-abandoned pit bull dog "Apollo" to get neuter, rabies, DHLPP shot, tapeworm pill, pyrantel dose and heart worm tested. Rescuer's daughter saw dog on Craigslist and knew they had to intervene before he died in his kennel or was given away to lowest bidder. He's now going to The Recue Project to await adoption. KT. (CRAIN VETERINARY CENTER)

1/10: Paid for fostered small, terrier mix "Cody" to get urinary tract infection treatment. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/11:  Getting two Lab/pit mixes neutered and vaccinated for owner who just recently rescued them from owner giving them away, but couldn't afford the surgeries. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/11:  Getting three cats and a Great Dane/Pit Bull puppy spayed/neutered who are being fostered. SC. (HUMANE SOCIETY OF GREATER KC)

1/11:  Spaying Min Pin "Sassy" since owner is on disability and fixed income. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/11:  Will spay cat "Chloe." Owner only has $20 and is short the rest. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/12:  Will spay cat "Zoey" since elderly owner cannot afford it. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/12: Getting rabbit treated for ear infection. (KC VETERINARY CLINIC)

1/12: Will spay/neuter four adult cats and five kittens for woman who cannot afford the entire cost up front. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

1/12: Getting ear examined for rescued, spayed Lab mix "Paisley." Owner isn't working due to health issue. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

1/12: Spaying and neutering two kittens abandoned at apartment complex. Woman is willing to keep them and give them a good home, but couldn't afford the surgeries up front. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/13: Will spay/neuter and vaccinate a rescued Siamese Lynx mama and her four kittens. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/13:  Paying for nine, friendly, dumped cats to get spayed/neutered and vaccinated. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

1/14: Spayed/neutered two foster cats. SC. (HUMANE SOCIETY OF GREATER KC)

1/14:  Paid for injured Miniature Pinscher to be taken to emergency vet after being hit by a car, languishing in the freezing cold street. Nothing broken, but bruised lungs and pinched nerve/disc. (ANIMAL EMERGENCY CENTER)

1/14: Neutered two, ultra-friendly pit mixes who were surrendered by an owner who were keeping them caged up in an abandoned house with no utilities on. Dogs were freezing to death and were dying of starvation, dehydration and lack of mobility. We worked with police, volunteers from The Rescue Project and the neighbors to get the dogs to safety. Vetted them. Both have been adopted! (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/15: Will neuter, deworm and vaccinate Miniature Pinscher. Owner intended to have a litter, but we explained why we needed to neuter and she agreed. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

1/15: Treated rescued cat for pyometra. Owner neutered their male, but didn't have funds to spay the female. Then this happened. She's now spayed! (WELLBORN)

1/16: Spaying/neutering three kittens, whose mom disappeared, living under the porch of an Independence home. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA) 

1/18: Sent pit bull "Packer" to emergency vet for swollen cut on wrist. Owner didn't get paid for another week so couldn't afford a vet visit. (BLUE PEARL LEE'S SUMMIT)

1/18: Sending three APBTs to be spayed/neutered and chipped since owner is unable to afford it. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/19: Corrected pyometra/spayed cat "Seven." (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/20: Spayed rescued cat "Pixie" (HUMANE SOCIETY OF GREATER KC)

1/20:  Worked with The Rescue Project and Great Plains SPCA to spay/neuter and relocate 27 cats who were living on a property with a neighbor who was abusing them.  

1/21: Provides feral cat packages to 11 cats living in the Northeast area of KCMO. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

1/21: Neutering fostered pit bull "Buddy." SC. * Buddy is in the middle, between his two fur-friends! (HUMANE SOCIETY OF GREATER KC)

Spayed/neutered 11 animals in January whose owners couldn't afford to do so - 2 Chihuahuas, 4 cats, 1 Shih Tzu, 1 Pomeranian, 1 Jack Russell and 1 Labrador. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

1/21: Sent a mama cat "Mouse" with a 105 degree temperature to the vet after having four kittens, one of whom was stillborn. Mama was lethargic and gravely ill. Owner took the already-pregnant stray in and couldn't afford the critical care. Cat received antibiotics and IV fluids and is doing much better. (BLUE PEARL LEE'S SUMMIT)

1/22: Contributed to spay for pit bull "Hershey." Dog was picked up by KCMO Animal Control and owner couldn't afford the entire fee (with spay) to get the dog out of the pound. (KC PET PROJECT)

1/22: Contirubuting to care for spayed pit bull "Emmy" who has a small skin tumor. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/23: Spaying yellow lab "Brooke." She's a hunting dog and the owner (husband) wants to breed her so he can have one of her puppies. Owner (wife) isn't having it. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/26: Contributed to emergency care for feral cat "Vinny," who is looked out for by people in the Waldo area. Vinny sustained some sort of injury and had fluid in the lungs. (VCA MISSION)

1/26: Neutering Pug "Albert." Also spaying, vaccinating and heartworm testing a Lab mix pup found by the same owner. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/26: Spayed cat "Tucker" (RAY COUNTY ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

1/27: Contributing to tumor removal on spayed mixed breed "Aliza." (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/27: Spaying Yorkie mix "Tina."   (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

1/29: Answered the call to help a neutered cat "Patch" with a very serious urinary tract infection when no other organizations or clinics would help the owner make payments. Unfortunately, the little cat died en route to the emergency clinic. Owner had found us too late and is devastated by the loss of her companion. FoKCA did pitch in a small amount, however, to help with ashes given the unfortunate circumstances. (ANIMAL EMERGENCY CLINIC)

1/30: Paying to vet (heartworm test, vaccinate) a Rottweiler whose owner threated to throw the dog out on the street (until a volunteer swooped in to pick up the dog). 

1/30: Paying to vet (spay, heartworm test, vaccinate) a"pit bull" who has lived outside in a pen her entire lif, until now. She recently had puppies - all of whom were sold at SIX WEEKS OLD - UGH!! 

1/31: Covered exam and meds for a neutered, Miniature Pinscher with a severe urniary tract infection. Owner just couldn't afford whole lump sum up front. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)


Will get heart worm treatment for Lab mix "Roxy" whose owner is unable to pay for it. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

2/2: Tried to help save a Chihuahua puppy, "Fuego," who was rescued from a burning building in KCMO. KCFD EMT took the dog to BluePearl, but sadly, the little dog suffered too much neurological trauma from the fire and couldn't be saved despite our best efforts to do so.  (BLUE PEARL NKC)

2/9: Treated cat "Storm" for urinary tract infection. (KENNEDY'S ANIMAL CLINIC)

2/17: Pitched in to neuter 10 month old "pit bull" "Blue" since owner only had $20 to contribute. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

2/20: Worked with Excelsior Springs Friends of Animals after being contacted by owner about an 11 month old puppy with a broken leg, to repair the dog's femur.

2/12: Getting stray dog "Rocky" treated for heartworms. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

2/23: Facilitated care for Husky pup "Everest" who had a fractured femur. (LONG VETERINARY CLINIC)

2/25: Vaccinations for cat "Coco" (STROTHERTOWN PET HOSPITAL)

2/25: Five spay/neuter surgeries of dogs whose owners would have otherwise passed on fixing the pets. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

2/26: Neutered and vaccinated feral cat "Tommy" (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

2/26: Helped return a spayed "pit bull" to her owner. (KC PET PROJECT)


3/2: Helped return two spayed/neutered to their owner. (KC PET PROJECT)

3/2: Paid for Main Coon cat "Gizzy" to get antibiotics for eye infection. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

3/2: Chipped in to dog's bladder stone removal surgery since owner was short a portion (up-front). (WINDING RIVER)

3/3: Contributed to surgery on cat's broken leg. (THREE TRAILS ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

3/4: Helped college student who had already depleted his funds to get cat "Tippy" examined, a urinalysis, x-rays, pain meds and special food for a urinary tract infection/bladder stones. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL) 

3/5: Vaccinated a 5-year-old Dachschund mix "Heinz." (BANFIELD PET HOSPITAL)  

3/9: Spayed 9-year-old Lab/Husky mix. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

3/10: Paid for exam and x-rays for a 9 1/2 week old Malamute/Boxer pup who jumped out of a window three stories up and fractured his leg. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

3/10: Dental work for dog needing major mouth attention. Owner destitute. Went without air conditioning this summer so that she could afford pet food and care. (TURNER ANIMAL HOSPITAL) 

3/10: Vaccinated, neutered and dewormed "Niko Lee," a neutered "pit bull" puppy. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

3/10: Neutered and vaccinated "Pepper," a spayed Boxer mix. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

3/20: Dental work and biopsy on a little Chihuahua "Paetra" who was very ill from a painful, abscessed tooth and a mammary mass. Owner's disability didn't kick in for a few more weeks so she needed help in the meantime. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

3/19: Spayed 4-year-old "pit bull" named "Icesis." (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

3/19: Spayed cat "Night Fury" since owner is on disability and couldn't afford the surgery. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

3/19: Neutered cat "Autumn" since owner has cancer and couldn't afford entire amount of surgery. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

3/19: Neutered and spayed "pit bulls" "Gus" and "Lola." Owners couldn't afford the surgeries, but didn't want them to breed. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

3/19: Neutered "Zoey" a "pit bull." Owner wanted to do the responsible thing and fix her new dog. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

3/20: Helped owner get much-needed dental work done on her Bichon Frise "Pookie" since she couldn't afford the entire cost up-front. (TURNER ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

3/24: Spayed cat "Smokey" since owner could only afford a portion. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

3/24: Spayed and neutered two feral cats from the NE neighborhood caught by volunteer trapper. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

3/24: Spayed and neutered (Feral Cat Packages for) feral cats "Sweet Pea" and "Buster Brown," trapped by a volunteer in the Northeast neighborhood of KCMO. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

3/24: Spayed, heart worm tested and vaccinated Siberian Husky mix "Smokey"  (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

3/25: Spayed, heart worm tested and vaccinated Lab mix, therapy dog "Sophie" since disabled owner couldn't afford entire cost. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

3/28: Paid for euthanasia of helplessly ill, senior St Bernard mix who was suffering immensely from severe hip dysplasia. 77 year-old owner, surviving just under the poverty level, did all she could to make her dog comfortable, but could no longer watch her dog suffer so immensely. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

3/31: Neutered dog "Chief" since owner had been hospitalized and couldn't afford the fee up-front. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

3/31: Sending neutered rescued Boxer mix "Odie" in for cherry-eye exam to see if surgery is required. Owner is waiting on workman's comp to quick in for an injury incurred recently on the job. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)


4/2: Will spay and vaccinate Chiweenie, and will vaccinate Boxer mix. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

4/6: Covered exam for a Bassett whose owner just got laid off. Dog had a leg injury. (CRAIN)

4/7: Neutered dog "Nibbler" (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

4/7: Working with Excelsior Springs Friends of Animals to get much-needed dental care for 11 year old toy Poodle whose owner passed away. (LONG VETERINARY CLINIC)

4/8: Paid for Black Lab mix puppy who got hit by a car to get leg pinned. Also rehoming the dog due to owner's baby's allergies. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

4/10: Paid for medical treatment for dog who suffered injury in KCMO after being hit by a car. (VCA MISSION)


NOW (with her new brother).....


4/18: Euthanized 6-week-old kitten who was dropped on her head. She suffered brain damage that rendered her immobile, and she was suffering. (BANFIELD)

4/22: Euthanized 11-year-old Rottweiler who had severe heart worm disease and kidney failure. (TURNER ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

4/22: Contributed to bloodwork and x-rays for extremely ill cat. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

4/22: Contribute to care for dog with severe skin issues (sores). (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

4/25: Pays to mend leg laceration, and to vaccinate and spay a Yorkie mix who doesn't appear to have an owner, found by a man who intends to give the dog a good home. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

4/28: Treated dog "Angel" for pancreatitis and parvo. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

4/29: Contributes to care for an ill horse "Boots" whose owner couldn't afford all of the costs up-front. (EUDORA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)


5/2: Sent very ill 12-week-old "pit bull" puppy to Blue Pearl for what turned out to be a Roundworm infection. (BLUE PEARL and FMA for follow up care)

5/5: Paid for "pit bull" to be spayed after she suffered pyometra, giving brith to two dead puppies. (TURNER ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

5/6: Euthanized feral cat who had fractured leg, atrophied muscles and stomach lacerations. (LONG VETERINARY HOSPITAL)

5/6: Spayed and removed mammary tumors on "pit bull" "Gemma." (CREST ANIMAL HOSPITAL) 

5/6: Helped treat young, neutered cat "Nimbus" for a blocked bladder and crystals. (THREE TRAILS ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

5/7: Got emergency care for neutered Pomeranian "Boo" who was attacked by another dog, causing the Pom's eye to pop out. He did end up losing the eye. (VCA MISSION MED VET)

5/8: Contributed to exam, skin scrape and two injections for cat "Simba," who had a suspicious patch of hair missing. (THREE TRAILS ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

5/8: Helped cat "Nimbus" with blocked urinary tract. IV fluids, x-rays, pain meds etc. (THREE TRAILS ANIMALS HOSPITAL)

5/8: Exam and blood test for cat, "Sabbath." (CREST ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

5/8: Contributed to Leukemia medicine for cat with cancer. (BANNISTER ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

5/9: Contributed to vaccinations/care for altered domestic cats "Sabrina," "Princess," "Wilma" and "Tippy" and "JoJo" "Hoppy" and "Batman" (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

5/13: Paid for spayed vaccinations for Husky mix "Zelda" (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

5/15: Spayed "Mama Cat" (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

5/19: Spayed dog "Becky" (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

5/20: Contributed to care for Lab "Roscoe" (TURNER ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

5/26: Paid to examine and euthanize very ill stray cat who a good samaritan had been tending to in the neighborhood for many months. (LONG VETERINARY CLINIC)

5/26: Euthanized helplessly ill feral "Mia," spayed/neutered and vaccinated cats "Lionel," "Charlotte," "Peppi" and "Juliette" (HUMANE SOCIETY OF GREATER KANSAS CITY)

5/26: Helped dog "Mimi" with very serious autoimmune disease causing severe skin lesions finally get good treatment. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

5/29: Chihuahua mix "Tigger" 

5/29: Chihuahua mix "Bear" 


6/29: Contributed to exam, x-rays and meds for Cok-a-poo "Marley"(LONG VETERINARY CLINIC)


7/6: Contributed to cat "Tat-Tat" hit by a car. (MEXICO ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

7/11: Contributed to care for cat whose diabetes was out of control. Despite efforts, the cat did due to blood sugar levels. (ANIMAL EMERGENCY CENTER)

7/13: Contributed to care for old English Bulldog whose eyes and skin are in terrible shape. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

7/13: Contributed to exam and x-rays for a neutered, rag doll cat, "Andy," whose owner accidentally stepped on his leg. Owner couldn't immediately afford the care. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

7/13: Treated cat "Patches" for hematoma in ear. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)


8.5:  Treated dog for severe neglect for a variety of things. Yeast infection in both ears, heart, tape and hook worms. Very emaciated and lethargic. (TURNER ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

8.6:  Eye enucleation for Chihuahua "Sisco" whose eyes had popped out due to a dog stepping on him. (TURNER ANIMAL HOSPITAL)


8.7:  Neutered and vaccinated domestic cat "Little Guy" (SNKC)

8.8: Contributed to temporarily board dog "Dutchess" before going to rescue (WINDING RIVER)

8.11:  Treated cat "Cuddles" for upper respiratory infection and fleas (ALL CREATURES ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

8.13: Spayed/neutered and vaccinated two dogs "Guerra" and "Pedro" (HUMANE SOCIETY)

8.14: Vaccinated and heartworm tested neutered Poodle "Snuggle Butt" (NORTHLAND ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY)

8.18: Combo tested and gave fluids to ill cat "Basil" (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

8.24: Spayed and vaccinated dog "Calla" (HUMANE SOCIETY)

8.28: Paid for spayed Shih Tzu "Bella" to receive care. Bella was in terrible shape when her owner gave her to another woman, explaining she could no longer care for the dog. Bella was examined, treated and groomed. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

8.31: Spayed Dachshund "Sissy" will be examined for a tumor on her chest. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)


9.5: Contributed to surgery for spayed Catahoula mix "Callie." (CAMELOT COURT ANIMAL CLINIC)

9.09: Got vaccinations, skin scrape and nail trim for homeless man's puppy. Man and his pup were panhandling on a Plaza corner when a volunteer trapper noticed the dog looked pretty miserable. Very nice man couldn't afford vaccinations, but the dog WAS on flea treatment and meds for mange. (PLAZA ANIMAL CLINIC)

9.09: Treated Staffordshire Terrier "Jewel" with severe burns who was caught in a house fire. Also spayed the dog. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

9.11: Euthanized a 16 year old dog who was suffering from mammary tumors and no longer had quality of life. (TURNER ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

9.12: Contributed to exam and treatment for Maltipoo who was bleeding from rectum. (ANTIOCH DOG & CAT HOSPITAL)

9.16: Spayed cat "Yellow Cat" (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

9.17: Helped owner of a Staffordshire Terrier who had bladder stones get treatment. 

9.22: Helped reunite a fixed pit bull "Bronx" at the shelter with owner. (KC PET PROJECT)

9.22: Euthanized an extremely ill feral cat who was suffering that a volunteer trapper caught. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

9.22: Contributed to care for neutered Belgian Malinois "Belly" who had pancreatitis. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

9.23: Neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested semi-feral, (but quickly coming around) dog who was found as a stray evading capture in the Brookside area. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

9.24: Spayed and vaccinated Yoktese "Mia" (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

9.25: Exam, testing and meds for cat "Birinji" (CHEROKEE ANIMAL CLINIC)

9.26: Contributed to exam and treatment of Boxer "Max" who had been lost at-large for two weeks and turned up with a huge open wound on arm. (ANIMAL EMERGENCY CENTER)


10.2: Spayed/neutered four feral cats (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

10.6: Contributing to urgent dental care for Beagle "Charlie" (CREST ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

10.14: Exam, testing and vaccinations for cat "Mustafa" (CASS COUNTY ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

10.15: Contributed to TPLO surgery for Bullmastiff "Hinge" (CREST ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

10.15: Contibuted to exam on dog "Bentley" who was hit by a car and whose suture job on leg was in question (JACKSON COUNTY ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

10.16: Contributed to exam for possible leg fracture on cat "Tigger" (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

10.16: Spayed two feral cats (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

10.19: Contributed to care for poodle "Ebony" who was having seizures. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)





From some we've helped.... (Certain names omitted and/or changed)

"Words cannot express what your kindness means to me. It restores my faith there are still compassionate people in this world. Pook is my sole companion now that my spouse has died. Without her, I would be lost. Please accept this money to help repay what your organization paid to have her teeth cleaned and the abscesses pulled. I will continue to send money when I can afford it. God bless you." 

"In November, my veterinarian contacted you regarding my papillon who needed surgery to remove her eye. I had been unemployed for 7 months, and I could not afford the $800 surgery, and I knew she was in pain, so I made arrangements for her to be euthanized. To my surprise and delight, two hours before her appointment, my vet contacted me, informing me that Great Plains SPCA would perform the surgery at a reduced cost, and further, that you, Friends of KC Animals, had agreed to cover my dog's surgery. I cannot express enough gratitude to your wonderful organization for saving the life of my beloved dog. She is the pride of my life, my best friend, my sunshine. Thank you so very much for coming to her rescue and saving her life. I would so much rather have a little dog with one less eye than no girl at all! I have since found employment, and would like to pay it forward by returning the money you paid for the surgery so you may be able to help another pet and owner in need. Enclosed you will find a check. I will also set up an automatic monthly donation to your organization so that perhaps one less person will have to endure the pain and grief of losing their beloved pet. Your kindness and consideration are appreicated beyond what words can say. A simple "Thank You" will never suffice. Please know that the work this charity does not only changes lives, but also saves them. This act of kindness touched my heart profoundly, and I thank you most sincerely." 

"Hi! My name is Nicole, and I spoke with FoKCA about my four month old Shepherd/Westie Parvo puppy, Zeus. (I am a low-income collage student who wasn't aniticipating the expense of Parvo treatment for my dog, so I reached out for help). The woman I spoke with said they would front the money for me to take him to KC Pet Project to receive critical care as I was about to put him down due to lack of funds for hospitalization. He's back home and doing so well now! So first of all, I want to say thank you (FoKCA) so much. He's my little buddy and I was devastated thinking of putting him down. Secondly, I made my first donation to you today to repay the favor and will continue to make them when I get money in! Again, thank you thank you thank you. I was packing him up to take him to my farm to put him down when I received a call from you guys and you've saved his life. THANK YOU."  

"I wanted to thank you and Friends of KC Animals again for all of the assistance you provided Jackie-O (and me) during her illness and transition over the Rainbow Bridge. We went to Great Plains SPCA on August 5th and they were wonderful, very gentle and kind. She was very well taken care of by them. I found out later that evening, talking to my sister, that August 5th was the 2nd anniversary of our Mother's death. So, it was a fitting day - My Mom was there to help deliver her when she was born and I was there at the time of her passing, and Mom was there to greet her in Heaven. Thank you so much. Your organization gave me so much help and peace during a time in my life when everything seemed so overwhelming and difficult. You gave me strength and courage, and more importantly, helped me take the best care possible of a wonderful, loving cat who deserved the best. Thanks to you, she received that. God bless you all!" 

I have a male pit bull and a female pit bull at home and had not gotten either fixed as I thought I was capable of keeping them separate during fertility. Wow was that a mistake. Especially since I had an accidental/irresponsible pregnancy a year ago- This second time around, my female, Raven, was unable to deliver the puppies and I was unable to pay for the emergency c-section she needed to save her life. (She couldn't deliver and was becoming toxic from the meconium filled placenta that broke). I laid on the dirty vet floor crying my eyes out with my dog. She was in pain and was going to die and I couldn't do anything for her. 
I was then given the news that Friends of KC Animals was willing to help me pay the portion for surgery that I was unable to, and that they'd spay her while in surgery. It was unimaginable to me that strangers would do such a kind thing so my dog would not die. Raven and one puppy made it through and I honestly could never express in full my gratitude for this organization helping when they didn't have to! I made arrangements to repay them so they can continue to help others. 
I encourage people to learn from my mistake and spay or neuter your animals, as there are so many pets who need to be adopted. Also, if you love your pet, then don't put them in the situation that my precious Raven was in by my irresponsible actions. I also encourage everyone to donate- even if it's $5 or more- so Friends of KC Animals can continue to help animals in need. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT MIGHT BE YOUR PET NEEDING HELP, OR ONE BELONGING TO A FRIEND WITH LIMITED RESOURCES. 
These people at Friends of KC Animals are extremely kind and angels in my eyes. If you need assistance in getting your animal spayed or neutered, please contact them for help, instead of allowing more animals to be born that may likely die in shelters. 
I thank you for reading my story and pray that it makes each of you think of the right and responsible thing to do.  



The Friends of KC Animals Board and Advisors: 

Britton Hunter, Hope Westergom, Sharon Gartin, Debbie Palermo, Jenilee Borth-Iiams, Sarah Deters, Jim Bowers, Gail Miskew and Courtney Thomas